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My Games

In early 2009 I founded a company called Arcen Games. We're an independent games developer, which means that we don't have (or want) any outside funding aside from proceeds from the sale of our work. Our first games were funded out of my own pocket, and designed and coded in my spare time.

Some indie developers seem to be embarrased to admit this sort of thing, but I'm actually proud of it -- the results speak for themselves, and I'm still a bit in disbelief that I and everyone else who contributed to the games was able to put together something so polished while still working other full-time jobs. If you'd like to see more titles like this from us, then please support us by buying a license for one of our games, and spreading the word!


Other People's Games

My rules variations and new/remixed quests for Descent: Journeys in the Dark.

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