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Welcome to my Descent: Journeys in the Dark repository. Here you can find the rules variations and new/remixed quests that I have created for this game. For official information, please see Fantasy Flight Games, the company behind the game. For the official quests database (and a link to the quest editor's website), please look here.


Fast Tactics Variant - This variant was created as an extension of the official game rules, with the intent of speeding up the game while also offering greater depth of strategy for the Overlord in particular. The heroes also have a number of new options which both make them more powerful and reduce the time taken in simple logistical wrangling. With Fast Tactics the heroes and the Overlord both gain the ability to engage in deep strategy without the game taking nearly so long as it otherwise would.
Rules for Extra Heroes - Only slight modifications (all things considered) are needed to the base game rules if you wish to play with 5-8 heroes instead of the normal maximum of 4.

Official Quest Remixes

These quests are all based on the quests of the original game or expansions, and should thus be somewhat familiar to fans of the game. However, each quest has been heavily edited to include new twists and surprises, and in many cases new abilities or features as well. Many of the quest originals were targeted at either novice players or those players who enjoy playing under a time limit. My remixed versions all target advanced players who enjoy deep strategy without the limitations of time constraints. Some quests also had a design flaw of making the players do nearly the exact same thing twice in one dungeon; these quests have been made much more asymmetrical, so that there is always something new and interesting and unexpected to do.

JitD Quest 1 Into the Dark - Most of the original flavor text remains, and the outer structure of the rooms is identical to the original. The content of the rooms, however, has changed fairly drastically, and there are several surprising new twists that make this an entirely different experience than the original. Well of Darkness and Altar of Despair expansions required.
JitD Quest 2 The Brothers Durnog - This quest is even more heavily edited than the first one. The central gimmick of this quest has been changed (it was clever originally, but only works once), and the symmetry of the original has been broken both by added rooms and by extremely heavily changed content. Well of Darkness expansion required.

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