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Welcome to my tools repository. These are little freeware programs that I have written for various purposes. I've left only the online versions, as everything else was frankly obsolete. Manuscript Analyzer has been in use by writers since 2007, and Pearson's Square was added in 2020. This page is ancient.


Pearson's Square Online Edition - Need to calculate some ratios between things? A population group, two types of chicken feed, or whatever else? This online edition of an old-school tool for calculating the same information on paper is now available.
Manuscript Analyzer Online Edition - This is a pretty unique tool for analyzing manuscripts. There are a number of programs that let you count the frequency of words in a document, but this takes it a step further and helps you identify junk phrases, "frequent offender" word patterns, and adverbs. It also lets you ignore common words that clutter up the high ranks of other word-counting programs, and allows you to focus on words by size.
Here's where you can view the online edition of this tool.

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