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This is an incredibly old set of my art! This chronicles 1998 to 2008 for me. This is back when I used to work in raytraced offline 3D programs, and rendering a single frame usually took 5 minutes to 36 hours.

I now work in realtime raster 3D, so I get on average between 1/60th to 1/100th of one second to make something a lot prettier not only display, but also be interactive. Shaders, once so mysterious to me, are now things I routinely code.

I've never been all that superb of a modeler, but I enjoy 3D painting, scene composition, and more recently have gotten into motion capture and animation. I'm also a big fan of working with the post-processing stack, as well as using custom shaders to break out of the shackles of current-gen PBR and toy with heightened-reality lighting.

You can see a lot of my work on Arcen's Youtube channel, including the occasional instructional video.

» Awake! [Slideshow]

[ 480x342 - 16 KB ]
Amulet - Red Eagle (Bryce)

[ 479x341 - 8 KB ]
Camoflaged Sub - Over (Bryce)

[ 479x341 - 19 KB ]
Camoflaged Sub - Under (Bryce)

[ 410x306 - 20 KB ]
Complex - Crisp (Bryce)

[ 480x214 - 10 KB ]
Disaster in the Trees (Bryce)

[ 480x310 - 23 KB ]
Franfert (Bryce)

[ 479x341 - 31 KB ]
Franfert - Ruined City (Bryce)

[ 479x303 - 12 KB ]
Ice Mountain in Yakutia (Bryce)

[ 479x341 - 18 KB ]
Nighttime Woods (Bryce)

[ 477x340 - 24 KB ]
Nuke (Bryce)

[ 478x339 - 7 KB ]
Radiation Blowing in the Wind (Bryce)

[ 479x342 - 39 KB ]
Raslm (Bryce)

[ 477x340 - 7 KB ]
Seaside Farms (Bryce)

[ 450x116 - 4 KB ]
Sunset Ruin (Bryce)
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Ball Animations   [3 pictures]
This was my first expedition into the area of creating animations with Bryce 3D. Because I was still rendering with the P150 at the time, this images had to be extremely small in order for me to do all 20-25 frames in any decent amount of time. At the time, my method for animation was very unsophisticated. I simply took a screen capture, moved the ball down a hair, rendered, took a capture, moved the ball over a bit, rendered again . . . . Then with GIF Construction Set I arranged all the stills into these three series. The frames for moving the ball back up into the air are the exact same ones that I took on the down slope. Maybe that's considered cheating, but it cut my render times in half (each frame took 30 seconds to render, after arranging it, I think. I was in a hurry.)
The Dregs   [5 pictures]
The lesser-quality images from the Awake! series are in here. Some are still quite interesting.

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