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This is an incredibly old set of my art! This chronicles 1998 to 2008 for me. This is back when I used to work in raytraced offline 3D programs, and rendering a single frame usually took 5 minutes to 36 hours.

I now work in realtime raster 3D, so I get on average between 1/60th to 1/100th of one second to make something a lot prettier not only display, but also be interactive. Shaders, once so mysterious to me, are now things I routinely code.

I've never been all that superb of a modeler, but I enjoy 3D painting, scene composition, and more recently have gotten into motion capture and animation. I'm also a big fan of working with the post-processing stack, as well as using custom shaders to break out of the shackles of current-gen PBR and toy with heightened-reality lighting.

You can see a lot of my work on Arcen's Youtube channel, including the occasional instructional video.

» Secret of Mana Forever [Slideshow]

[ 478x358 - 10 KB ]
Empire's Evil (Bryce 2)

[ 478x357 - 15 KB ]
Floating Mana Fortress (Bryce 2)

[ 479x347 - 23 KB ]
Ice Country - Neko's Shop (Bryce 2)

[ 479x357 - 9 KB ]
Ice Country - Side (Bryce 2)

[ 477x358 - 8 KB ]
Imperial Sunset (Bryce 2)

[ 478x352 - 25 KB ]
Lost Continent - Side (Bryce 2)

[ 478x359 - 8 KB ]
Lost Continent - Top (Bryce 2)

[ 478x356 - 6 KB ]
Tascina (Bryce 2)

[ 478x358 - 18 KB ]
Upperlands (Bryce 2)

[ 467x280 - 10 KB ]
Volcano (Bryce 2)
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The Dregs   [7 pictures]
The lesser-quality images from the Secret of Mana Forever series are in here. Some are still quite interesting. These are all fairly accurate (if crude) representations of areas from the original game, but they are a lot less pretty to look at than those in the main gallery.
World Map   [7 pictures]
These images are meant to be assembled into one larger frame to display the world map in the game. Even though I had recently upgraded my computer so that it was a blazing 150 MHz, rendering the entire world map took 9 hours. That's the slowest rendering out of any I've ever done.

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